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Looking after your high-quality shoes doesn’t stop when leaving the store where you have bought them and just start wearing them. If you’re investing in your shoes, then it’s important to take care of them too. An investment in great leather, suede, nubuck or textile shoes is much valuable by using the right shoe care products. Proper care of leather or suede boots saves you money. As a result, your shoes will last longer and look better!

After all, if you’re looking for quality products, you’ve come to the right place! We import from Europe the best shoe care products for your leather shoes such as shoe polish, shoe whitener, shoe shine, leather balm, leather shoe cleaner, leather conditioner, shoe wax, leather shoe dye, leather spray paint for shoesAs well you can shop online for shoe care solutions for cleaning suede shoes. For example, suede cleaner, suede brush, suede shoe dye, suede protector sprayWe carry all those supplies from best European manufacturers such as TRG The One (Spain), Woly (Germany), Coimbra (Spain) and Collonil (Germany).

Moreover, we have different types of insoles, half-insoles and other types of shoe inserts.

Our shoe care supplies are able to cover scratches, renew color and impregnate the leather upper.

All of this makes for better looking and longer lasting products to maximize the years of service you will receive for your investment. As a result, your much-loved footwear will maintain its original style and shape!

In conclusion, we have professional shoe care accessories to keep your footwear in top condition for years to come. Every product is individually curated and tested to provide the highest quality maintenance and finishing capabilities for each shoe in your personal collection.

Next to the above mentioned, there are a lot more products to further enhance your shoe care and improve your treatments. So please have a look at our website for online shopping in Canada and choose the products you need!

We offer wholesale as well. For more information, please contact us and we`ll provide you a wholesale pricelist with shipping options.

Keep your shoes looking their best!

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