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Stains or scratches on shoes can easily occur as a result of contact with rain or rough surface on the road. Bags can get their fair share of harmful elements from the unpredictable weather. Don’t let your desire to have that pair of glorious kicks or sacks be paralyzed. Just regularly give them your attention, the little luxury it deserves. Land on your feet feeling like a million bucks with these accessories that are sometimes overlooked. A shoe brush is an essential tool for every type of shoe care. It is important to use the correct shoe brushes for the respective outer material of the shoe. As well, to preserve the leather rather than unintentionally cause additional wear. Thoroughly caring for your shoes always starts with brushing the shoes and ends with the final polishing.

Shoe brushes for leather, suede and nubuck shoes help you keep your shoes in perfect condition. They are often thought of as only necessary for leather, and they definitely are. However, the likelihood is that you wear more than leather shoes. You can also probably have suede, cloth, and fabric shoes in the form of loafers, sneakers, runners and boots. After all, you also need to clean them. Our rigorous shoe brushes and cleaning cloths will soon have them looking as good as new, especially when they’re paired with our sparkling polishes, aerosols and other care accessories.
You can find in our Shoe Caring
collection suede brushes for shoes, horse hair brushes, suede velour gum, suede/nubuck cleaning sponges, leather shoe shine sponges and many more…

There is a difference between stiff brushes, application brushes, polishing brushes and suede cleaning brushes.

Coarse dirt on leather or shoe soles can be removed with a stiff brush. It is essential to choose the right brush considering the sensitivity of the leather. Make sure to shake out any dirt that has become ingrained in the brush after each use in order to avoid any small stones or dirt particles scratching the leather next time you wear the shoes.

The application brush resembles a brush that can be useful to apply polish to the upper leather. It can be useful in addition to a cotton cleaning cloth and is suited to caring for heavily textured leather, in areas which would be hard to reach with the cloth. The polishing brush is useful for the final fine polishing of high-quality shoes, is a silky and soft brush. The bristles are hard enough to pick up excess product. They are also soft enough to leave some wax behind, thus adding shine to the leather.

So, give your footwear the good scrub it deserves!