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  • Easy to use leather dye – quick drying with self shine properties
  • Leather shoe dye ill easily dyes multiple pairs of shoes
  • Dyes change the color, even from white to black!
  • Repairs scratched and worn leather
  • Restores color. No further finishing required

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Would you like to change the color of your leather shoes? Want to refresh an old leather handbag? TRG color dye is best leather dye, makes it easy to either restore the color of your shoes, handbags or other leather goods or to change the color even from black to white!

Also leather paint repairs scuffs and scratches. Shoe dye repels water and will not crack or chip.

There are more than 80 leather dye colors to choose from – black leather dye, white leather dye, brown leather dye, blue leather dye, beige leather dye, dark brown leather dye, dark grey leather dye, dark green leather dye, grey leather dye, green leather dye, khaki leather dye, cream leather dye, light brown leather dye, navy blue leather dye, orange leather dye, purple leather dye, pink leather dye, red leather dye, yellow leather dye and many more.

The different colors can also be mixed if you don’t see exactly what you are looking for. It leaves a nice finish on the leather with a little shine to it.


  • Easy to use leather dye – quick drying with self shine properties.
  • Leather shoe dye ill easily dyes multiple pairs of shoes.
  • Dyes change the color, even from white to black!
  • Repairs scratched and worn leather.
  • Restores color. No further finishing required.
  • Leather paint is suitable for all leather products (leather paint for shoes, leather paint for handbags, leather paint for belts, leather paint for purses, leather paint for jackets, leather paint for car seats, leather paint for furniture and any other leather accessories), synthetic leather and canvas.
  • Available in more than 80 colors!
  • For dyeing suede you should use suede dye.

TRG Self-Shine leather dye kit contains:

  • Bottle of self shine color dye.
  • Sponge.

How to dye leather shoes:

  • Stir the dye container until the color is completely homogeneous.
  • Apply a small amount of product to a sponge and paint the joint between sole and leather, sewn, scrapes, trim pieces, etc.
  • Place one or two coats of dye on one end of the sponge. Rub gently in a circular way over the entire area, adding another coat of product if necessary.
  • Repeat this process until the sponge is nearly dry. Without adding more dye, you can tap with the same sponge over the surface dyed to match the color, without attempting to cover transparencies.
  • Once dry the 1st layer, apply a second one following the same process to match the color. Apply a third coat if necessary.
  • Once finished dyeing, rinse the sponge with water to avoid them to dry out. Optimal drying time is 6 hours.
  • Dries to a shine, an after finish is not required.




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  1. WitchyD

    Awesome! I needed a pair of navy shoes and just couldn’t find any I liked. Meanwhile, I had a pair of gray ones that I loved but didn’t wear them because the gray was a weird color. So presto! I “painted” this on and they look like perfect blue shiny navy shoes. No one would suspect that they weren’t originally navy. And it was a true perfect navy in case you are wondering. Not a royal blue or jeans color. Easy and perfect.


  2. Robert

    It worked even better than I expected, the color looks great. I was nervous because I wanted to change the color of some new shoes, and didnt want to screw them up. (Dont askthey were on sale) So I practiced on a piece of old leather first to see what to expect. This dye is easy to use because it is transparent and you can deepen the color gradually with additional coats, so you can get the look you want.


  3. Sandra

    I’m truly amazed. I bought this for my Air Force 1s to get rid of the horrid yellow bottom. they are almost 10 years old. And they look almost BRAND new.


  4. S. Birkett

    The color assortment is impressive and matches screen samples. Very fast and easy to apply. Dries quickly. My old badly scuffed but comfortable leather shoes looked new in 15 minutes. No longer ashamed to wear them. Bargain price! The sponge worked fine on my shoes.

    S. Birkett

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