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  • Cream wax-based cleaner that cleans and nourishes the leather
  • Suitable for all colors
  • Especially recommended for leather goodsand footwear

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Leather care balm is a type of leather cleaner and conditioner for leather boots, leather shoes and another leather products.

Best leather conditioner used on leather to either restore or preserve its appearance. It is often useful as a way to keep leather smooth and supple and it can also help to make it waterproof. This leather softener typically works best on very smooth surfaces. In many cases leather balm not only conditions leather, it`s useful to clean it as excellent leather cleaner.

Typical ingredients include waxes, oils and lanolin, all of which are able to be absorbed by leather. It is possible, though, that using a leather balm cause a light leather to become darker. As a result, you should use it with care to avoid causing discoloration.

Footwear made of various types of leathers is prone to being scuffed or dirtied in the course of normal use. Applying leather recoloring balm can help to protect the leather from damage. In many cases, it can also remove dirt and scratches from the surface of the leather, provided that none of the scratches goes very deep.

For all leather types, patent and reptiles. Useful not only as leather boot conditioner, but also as leather couch conditioner, leather sofa conditioner, leather furniture conditioner, leather car conditioner, leather seat conditioner, leather jacket conditioner…

Features of Leather care balm:

  • Cream wax-based cleaner that cleans and nourishes the leather.
  • Suitable for all colors.
  • Excellent for leather goodsand footwear.

How to soften leather:

  • Remove surface dust and dirt with a clean cloth.
  • Shake the container vigorously.
  • Apply the product over a soft cloth.
  • Apply over the surface with a soft cloth.
  • Let dry for 5 minutes.
  • Once dry, rub with a soft cloth to polish.



Black, Brown, Colorless


125 ml / 4.22 fl oz



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  1. Amanda

    Still great after all of these years. Cant go wrong with this cleaner. Does an excellent job of conditioning the leather without making it feel greasy.


  2. Joy54

    Saved an old pair of shoes I was going to throw out. I used them as an experiment to see if I’d use this product on my nicer shoes. Did wonders to my old, dried out leather sketchers.


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