Self Shine Shoe Cream Kit

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  • Self-shining with natural cream waxes
  • Excellent for scuffed footwear
  • Nourishes and adds shine instantly without brushing
  • High covering power
  • Comes with built in sponge applicator, so easy to store
  • Very fast and easy application

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Self shine shoe cream kit – self-shining with natural cream waxes. Main function is to protect, also brightens colors and especially garments smooth leather shoes or leather boots.

Excellent technical implementation, even in poor shoe shine and color. Easy and quick self shine shoe polish with a sponge on the lid. Basically, for getting shiny shoes it does not need to be polished, just apply and let it dry!

Available in different shoe polish colors – black shoe polish, navy blue shoe polish, brown shoe polish, dark brown shoe polish, light brown shoe polish, red shoe polish, bordeaux shoe polish, grey shoe polish, white shoe polish, chocolate shoe polish and also neutral shoe polish if you haven`t found your color in shoe polish color chart.

50 ml / 1,69 fl.oz glass jar.

The benefits of using self shine shoe cream kit:

  • Self-shining with natural cream waxes.
  • Excellent for scuffed footwear.
  • Nourishes and adds shine instantly without brushing.
  • High covering power.
  • Comes with built in sponge applicator, so easy to store.
  • Very fast and also easy application.



50 ml / 1.69 fl oz



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  1. Katie

    This is much better than Kiwi shoe polish, because it doesnt dry out in the container. All of the Kiwi shoe polish that Ive bought, completely dried out and cracked before I even had a chance to use it all


  2. Sean King

    This is maybe the best shoe cream I’ve found for black dress shoes. I think it does great things for the leather, and it certainly produces a great luster-type shine. I’m told that it has more pigment than other shoe creams, and I’m willing to believe that. Good stuff.

    Sean King

  3. Angelina

    Perfect match for my new shoes!!!


  4. Ana Mojica

    The best thing about this polish is that you just dip the sponge into the polish and swipe it on your boots/shoes. I have used it on my daughter’s horse show boots for a quick shine by just quickly dusting them off and swiping on the polish. It dries almost instantly and doesn’t require much prep

    Ana Mojica

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