Suede Nubuck Dye

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  • For all suede and nubuck products, including imitation suede
  • Dye for suede leather is easy to use and quick drying (12-24 hours)
  • Suede leather dye gives a strong color
  • Dye of suede paint does not fade
  • Each suede dye kit comes with an application brush

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Suede nubuck dye is excellent quality penetrating dye to enhance faded or worn footwear, it`s best suede shoe dye and nubuck shoe dye!

TRG suede and nubuck dye will change or restore the color of your suede shoes, suede boots, suede bags, suede handbags, suede jackets, suede sofas, etc. This is a dye product, so the original suede colour of the shoe will affect the final result. One pack of suede paint will be enough for at least one pair dyeing of suede boots dye or dyeing of suede shoes.

TRG suede dye is available in 8 suede paint colors – black suede dye, brown suede dye, dark brown suede dye, blue suede dye, navy blue suede dye, dark grey suede dye, red suede dye and also deep purple suede dye. However, you can see the colors at the picture of suede dye colour chart.


  • The background color of the leather can alter the final result.
  • Paint for suede is easy to apply.
  • Each suede dye kit comes with an application brush.
  • For all suede products, including imitation suede.
  • For nubuck leather products (for leather products you should use leather dye).
  • Dye for suede leather is easy to use and quick drying (12-24 hours).
  • Suede leather dye gives a strong color.
  • Dye of suede paint does not fade.

Want to know how to use suede dye? Or how to paint shoes? Or how to dye shoes?

  • Firstly, thoroughly brush all dust away.
  • Secondly, shake bottle of suede paint for shoes vigorously before using.
  • Thirdly, dye the item with the enclosed suede dye brush.
  • Apply a second coat if necessary.
  • Allow to dry for approximately 12 hours.
  • Finally, brush again with a special suede leather brush.

Black – 118, Daphne Blue – 122, Dark Brown – 106, Dark Grey – 115, Deep Purple – 182, Medium Brown – 139, Navy Blue – 117, Red – 112



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  1. aguadillano

    Half of bottle covered a pair of light gray suede loafers that had staining on them to black. Dye soaked in nicely & only needed 2 coats which is exactly the recommendation.
    I love this product!


  2. Johnny74

    I purchased this to fix a pair of brand new boots that got ruined! I was so upset when my new boots got destroyed so I purchased this as a last ditch effort. While it doesn’t fix the boot as if it’s brand new, it definitely made them appear to look much better to the point where no one would notice what happened. Great product!! If it can fix my huge disaster of a boot issue, it can dang near make any suede boot look better. Totally recommend!


  3. Karen

    Great coverage. This bottle supplies enough unto apply several coats. Went from black to purple


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