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When your shoes don’t fit properly, your feet can suffer. You might suffer from uncomfortably hard footbeds , or find that in winter your feet quickly freeze in your shoes. You may also have to deal with foot perspiration. Friction and pressure caused by footwear can cause pain. Moreover, it can increase your risk of developing bunions, blisters, corns and calluses. Among other concerns, some individuals suffer from feet that get too cold in winter. Others, particularly those who stand or walk for long periods of time on a daily basis, desire a softer footbed. Fortunately, you can ease discomfort by buying a foot aids products and making simple modifications to uncomfortable shoes.

There are many different reasons for using insoles—they promise a cost-effective and fast-acting solution to all of the above complaints, and more. Of course, certain insoles also absorb foot perspiration, which in turn causes them to repel unpleasant foot odor. Insoles are, fundamentally, shoe inserts that promise quick relief for shoe-related foot discomfort. Insoles are cost-effective and easy to replace, and ensure precious comfort on an everyday basis. Take note, though—they should not be confused with orthopedic shoe inserts, which are only made by licensed orthopedic technicians. We want everyone to be able to move painlessly and comfortably in their shoes, so we provide a range of insoles designed to minimize odor and provide additional arch support.

Shoe Caring offers a range of shoe insoles suiting people from all lifestyles and shoes of all designs – different insoles, half insoles, forefoot gel pads, height increase insoles, pad cushions and shoe inserts in our Shoe Caring collection.

In addition to thermal insoles, charcoal insoles, barefoot insoles, gel insoles, sport insoles, and health insoles, there are also heel pads, gel pads, ball pads and toe protection pads. What can you get with those products? Certainly high-quality material, super-soft feeling, shock absorption, skid resistance and high elasticity! Take great care of your feet with our selection of comfortable shoe insoles. The perfect insoles can soon have you feeling like you’re walking on air. In other words, they are ideal for relieving pain, banishing odors or simply keeping your feet warm and snug,
We carry those foot aids from Europe, so if you are not sure about shoes size you can use shoe size chart.