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Leather forever! Add some sparkle, squeak and shine to your favorite shoes with our fantastic selection of leather shoe cleaners!

We offer in our Shoe Caring collection high-quality leather care products for cleaning your leather shoes or leather boots. That includes shoe polish, leather care balm, leather cleaner, leather balm, leather polish, leather cream, leather conditioner, leather dye, leather softener…
From intense oils to nourishing creams, here you’ll find everything to bring those old leather favorites back to life. Our products are useful for covering scratches, renewing color and impregnating the leather upper. As a result, your much-loved footwear will maintain its original style and shape.

Leather ages with time. Hence, from time to time you will find that you need to clean and condition the leather. The aim of good leather care and maintenance practice is to preserve the condition of a given leather item as long as possible. The care requirement of each product depends on various factors. Firstly, it depends on production of leather (type of leather). Secondly, how it was processed (shoe, clothing, sofa, car etc.). Thirdly, stress by using. Finally, how old it is and explosion to sunlight and other damage potential.

To extend the life of your shoes, repeat cleaning, protecting and polishing procedures on a regular basis.

Cleaning shoes – has an important role in proper shoe care. You should remove dust and dirt which gives harm to the leather and shortens its life. If you apply polish on an uncleaned leather, dirt will stay under the polish which will cause cracks on the surface.

Polishing shoes – shoe creams cover the cracks and damaged parts on the surface, restore and nourish the leather renewing its appearance. Applying shoe polish as a thin layer and buffing it with a brush afterwards, will give a glossy shiny look to your shoes. Protecting shoes – should be done with the products which involve natural wax, beeswax, silicone and do not stuff leather pores meanwhile preventing from water, dirt and stains. Protector products should be applied due to weather conditions and usage frequency.

In sum, when you keep leather products clean they will last longer, feel and look better. Proper care saves you money and makes for better looking and longer lasting products. In addition, it maximizes the years of service you will receive for your investment.