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The suede is either split leather or the back side of the leather, which is then treated to get a soft, velvety finish. This material is sensitive to water and attracts dirt easily – therefore it is essential to care for your suede shoes regularly. Nubuck has a sanded, matte surface which gives it that natural, velvety finish and nice patina over time. Oiled or waxed nubuck also has water-repellent abilities, that still need to be maintained with the proper shoe care.

People love suede and nubuck finishing for their shoes, boots, bags and other accessories because of smooth and elegant texture. But they also tend to be quite susceptible to staining and soiling as compared to other types of leathers. Hence, they need more care to keep it in good condition. So, give your suede and nubuck belongings a little luxury! As a result, they can be with you for a long time to come.

As glorious as any suede boot may look, it can easily become the most annoying boot to care for. The fact is that suede without waxing is really does not do well with any liquid! Water can alter the appearance of your suede to the point that it begins to look and feel stained. Leather shoes and jackets may feel effortlessly cool. However, taking care of your leather goods requires a little bit of time and effort.

Suede / Nubuck Care products are the answer for how to clean suede leather or how to protect suede shoes.

Moreover, they are the answer for how to clean suede shoes or how to clean nubuck shoes.

Caring for a shoe always starts with the cleaning process. Special suede brushes are excellent to cleaning suede leather. These usually feature one side with a stiff brush (natural bristles partly outside and metal bristles inside). It can be used to clean dirt, and a soft rubber brush on the other side, which is used to finish off the process. After this, it is time to impregnate the shoes.

Impregnation spray offers the shoes protection from moisture and dirt. This really is crucial for suede, as the porosity of material makes it susceptible to absorbing and storing water. Suede is popular due to its beautifully pigmented colors and stains on materials like this are particularly bothersome. In order optimally maintain the suede leather, it is recommended to use a small bottle with an integrated sponge applicator to massage in the product rather than a spray. It is also worth mentioning that impregnating agents settle on the material in such a way that the end of the individual molecular rods bind to the fibers in the leather. It allows the hydrophobic (water-repellent) ends to point outwards, thus protecting the suede shoe from moisture. The breathability of the leather remains unaffected.

In our Shoe Caring collection we sell suede / nubuck care products such as suede cleaning kit, suede dye, suede velour gum. Also, reviving sponge for nubuck, 2 or 3 side suede brushes, rubber brush, suede cleaners to clean suede, to restore suede to its original appearance and to remove greasy spots and stains from suede boots.