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Would you like to change the color of your leather, suede or nubuck shoes?
Sometimes, the style of shoe is perfect for your needs, but the shoe is not in the color you’re looking for. Painting shoes by using shoe dyes may not be for everyone. However, it allows you to give your shoes your own personal, stylish touch. Your reason for painting your shoes may be that they have scuffs or scratches and are showing signs of wear and tear. Smoothing the shoe down and then applying dyes allows you to extend the lifespan of your favorite pair of shoes.

Freshen up your style with our excellent selection of shoe dyes. From leather and suede to nubuck and satin, these high-quality dyes will soon have your footwear looking as good as new. This is a quick, easy and affordable way of revitalizing old shoes, whether you want to restore their existing color or go for something completely different.

We have in our Shoe Caring collection best paints to renew or change the color of leather, synthetic leather, suede or nubuck.
Those amazing excellent quality penetrating complete leather paint kits or suede/nubuck dye kits. That includes leather shoe dye, suede shoe dye, leather spray paint for shoes, leather boots spray paint, sneaker paint…